The Explorer

The Explorer, Ng Eng Teng
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Over the clouds
Beyond the planets
Our world
Travels and explores
The galaxy

Created by Ng Eng Teng to commemorate the New Millennium, December 1999
ciment-fondu, stainless steel, gold leaf, 700 x 575 x 350 cm

Singapore Art Museum, National Heritage Board

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As an important commission of the Singapore Art Museum, the piece was installed at the front of the museum. In 2010 it was installed to a new position around at the northern entrance.

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Singapore Art Museum


What to say about Explorer...

Ng Eng Teng has given Singapore some of its most characteristic and charming public art. But I have spoken to no one who has anything positive to say about this piece. I certainly don't - the contrast of the solid forms and the metal outlines just doesn't work, and of course the entire piece is weighed down, looking heavy and stolid. But perhaps you disagree...

actually it reads a lot better in its new location

Stands out in its setting better, somehow doesn't look as lumpy and misshapen.

The Explorer is moving

Ng Eng Teng's Explorer is moving, round the side of the Singapore Art Museum. Here's a photo of the move, April 3, 2010.