Endless Flow

Tan Teng Kee
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Endless Flow

it symbolizes an endless flow of people and money, in short it means good fortune.

Donated by OCBC Centre Pte Ltd.

30 September 1983

OCBC Centre Pte Ltd, originally for their bank headquarters

Was originally placed in front of the then-new OCBC Bank building, where the Henry Moore stands now.

See this exchange between Tan Teng Kee and TK Sabapathy from the Sculpture in Singapore catalogue:

TKS: 'The Plaza Singapura sculpture is not there any more; it has been re-sited. Your other piece for OCBC has also been removed from its original setting to its new setting. What are your feelings about these kinds of changes? Do you think, for example, the artists should have been consulted? Do you feel that these kinds of changes should be undertaken in a much more sensitive way: What is your response? I recall how hurt and upset you were when your work was moved from OCBC Tower. Would you like to talk about it? You can be very frank without hurting anyone.'

TTK: 'As to the Plaza Singapura work, I was asked and informed about the impending re-siting; in fact they asked for my assistance in the move.

TKS: 'How did you feel about it being moved from its original place?'

TTK: 'As sculptors we have no choice: those who own property in Singapore don't know the value of sculpture, and when they want to develop their property, something has to give way.'

TKS: 'What about the other, where your work had to give way to Henry Moore?'

TTK: 'That is OK, reasonable, because Henry Moore is after all a master; so I have to give way; no choice. I think it is OK. Finally my work has moved to a park and to a better location.'

TKS: 'I think that you are a very generous person and I am happy for that.'

See T.K. Sabapathy's catalogue on the works of Tan Teng Kee.

(references: T.K. Sabapathy, 2001, T.K. Sabapathy, 1991.)

Location Notes: 

See main entry. The work was moved to its current location in 1983, but it was first installed at OCBC Bank in 1980.

First Placed in Singapore: 
Current Location: 
corner of Orchard and Selegie Roads, across from YMCA